Farewell Flathead

10 Oct, 2018

     All good things must come to an end. Things being what they are, I am entering my Semi Retirement phase of life and will take bookings by appointment only. 

     The Flathead will/is no longer my home base of operation. You will hold a spot in my heart but I won't be living here. Facism isn't my cup of tea. I also will be much more tight lipped about where home now is. Remember it was a "client" that tried to assist the authorities I taking my freedom away. A local natuve to the area that wants to try to save his skin by lying about me. 

     So now my base of operation is Bozeman, Missoula, Boise, Idaho Falls, Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma, Shoreline, Ontario/LA. The Pacific Northwest is my base text me to find out if Im in your city, but I won't be in the Flathead for quite some time. Most catch me in the Zoo. I wish you guys luck with another Provider. 

     You have me for a day or two. Make the most of it.



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Touring your Town Poll

06 Oct, 2018

The definition of insanity...

13 Jul, 2018

is doing the same thing over again expecting different results..

.   Your favorite funny yet foul mouthed masseuse has pushed herself a bit too hard and did a quick stint in the hospital. I have returned home to the Flathead to recoup and will take appointments but can only do so many. The ONLY definite bookings are those that include  time and date. Other than that I consider them interests and although grateful I am being considered, I don't take them seriously. 

     Why I have been so grumpy with some of you on the phone or on messenger the last few weeks... On May 5th when my biggest news should have been I went on my first solo road trip since my car wrecks, all the way to Bozeman to see some dear friends, clients, former employees graduate as I promised I would. Kalispell police with the assistence of Ruby (LaCresia Mooney) entered my home without a search warrant and proceeded to search my place for over 12 hours. They interrogated one of the teens staying with me as to her involvement, knowledge, or if she herself was a captive victim of human trafficking. She knew nothing of the perfectly legal BDSM or the strip club nature of my style of massage and promptly asked me what the Fu@$ I do. My reply was none of your business, your business is school, work, being a good citizen, preparing for college, and not getting knocked up before all the good things heading her way were experienced. In 22 years (18 of theirs) none of my kids adopted or biological knew anything of the adult nature of my work, so I must applaud Kalispells finest for letting the cat out of the bag. The truth shall set you free and I have taught these kids to be independent free thinkers , so the lies KPD tried convincing them about me were swept under the rug.  Kpd confiscated my new (to me) safe, which in true Nessa fashion I locked the combination inside it within moments of possessing it, a ball gag still in the package and in a small tote I stored it from prying eyes, and when they searched my bedroom they took an old phone I use as a camera. I only use them in my bedroom as noone belongs in there. The cause of the Illegal entrance is Promotion of Prostitution. (Being a madam). We know that's untrue, their source is unreliable and besides Ruby one of my "clients" gave his opinions. So if I haven't heard from you in a while and you have called to make an appointment and I was rude or if you are inquiring my whereabouts suddenly and I shut you down, now you know why.  One of my flock has told lies. It'll all cone out in the end, but all the police found in my home is I'm disturbingly neat and tidy. Everything has a place. I have journals, full of scribbles, song lyrics, poems, and alot of hot erotica. All the different ideas I had for a business name, and I cuss more when I write than I speak. I have good lawyers, it's not my first rodeo, loose lips sink ships, .noone ever has to worry in terms of my mouth in that regard. I have since toured looking for lawyers, talking to the ACLU, talking to other Providers telling my tale so they can be prepared and have knowledge of what to do and why. A number one being to protect the source of our survival. The clients. First, foremost, always, absolute. No excuses or exceptions. I thank those of you that allowed me to rant and ramble when this was new and I was afraid. Thank you to those that talked me into continuing when I wanted to quit. Thank you for those of you that continued to be clients, friends, confidants. Those of you that noticeably stepped back and had no faith. . You have no worries from me, there are things against my moral fibre, but you can stay away. Because one of you like Ruby got into trouble and tried to set me up to get out of trouble. Shame on you. If you are doing Illegal things you should realize there is a chance to get in trouble and if you do you go down,you go down on your own. A drowning man pulling others down with him is disgusting. So when I say Kspell doesn't deserve a Provider when I am heated, I'm talking about the ones that ran tail between their legs and the narc with bad info. There are about 25 of you I believe hung the moon. Noone can tell me otherwise. Thank you thank you thank you! 

     Any questions, comments, information, or to be accountable for your actions, please address me personally face to face. This is the first and only public forum that I mentioned what happened. You should get it from the source not from gossip although I did ask a few people to tell others to spread awareness. I am a filterless open book and will do my best to answer any questions you may have. 


Love you guys!! Miss you too! 

Let's have coffee or some wine!



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Unexpected Fans

25 May, 2018

Hell yeah Holiday Weekend!! As the week winds down, I wind up... 

Hey y'all I have a very busy day today with appointments in my personal life. I'll be unavailable from 1230 until 2pm (ish) today. If I am not responding it's because I'm focused on the task at hand and not my ignoring you. 

Have you guys checked out Switter yet?  It's a pretty cool sure where the girls are into helping each other and not tearing each other down. I must be at the end of my career I thought I would never see the day. 

Speaking of tearing people down a big hello to my new mud slinging, black mail attempting, I lie like a rug but I lie to myself as well, so my morals stay just a notch ahead of yours in my own fantasy world "fans". Because when all else fails you should resort to juvenile pettiness, but there is nothing broken about the organization I work for these antics are SOP. (Rolling eyes) Divisiveness suits you seems you may have written the book on it. Let's not forget what this is all about first and foremost. Your ego is hogging all the space in the room. Could you deflate it a little? I wonder the trauma you inflict upon innocents with information they never needed to know. Who monitors your behavior? How's it feel to finally sit at the cool kids table for lunch 15 years later? I applaud your bull in China shop approach to everything under the sun. I can't be the only special recepient I'm betting there are many you hounded, harassed and  lied about. What does swearing an oath mean to you? Perjury is serious and a sueable offence. How many have been wrecked by this? How many more if you aren't stopped? Once upon a time I believed in justice, awesome fantasy of mine. I wondered why we even have drug this on so long. (We meaning you) should have just ruled in your favor and called it a day. Let's see what this day brings. 

Dear mouth, zip it. Let your person speak on your behalf. 





Another One Bites the Dust

08 May, 2018

A dear member of my staff has gone on to a better place. After many months of tried and true dedication to Team Vanessa my poor cell phone jumped off my lap and was then run over. Memorial service will be private please respect the family in our time of mourning. ;)


I have a new number with the new phone (406)253-2346. Perhaps this one will last.

Ruby is no longer available. She has chosen a different path. Seems the curse of people doing whatever they want when I leave town continues.

Mizzou and Bozeman were fun. I proved to myself that I can still travel and after a few loose ends are tied up. I plan to return to the road.

Book me while you can Flathead. I'll do my best to keep my schedule updated. I'm fixing my website as well. Please bear with me.


Miss you guys!!

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21 Apr, 2018

It's been a minute...

22 Nov, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


It's been a while since I kept my clients (all 2 of you haha) abreast of my current events.

I have a new and permanant work number. I have broke down and got a second phone to put an end to the unstable phone apps. (406)261-7816 is that number.


Our new expanded massage room is nearly completed. Thanks to those of you that helped. Im starting the painting as the wall is nearly complete. Im hoping things will finish simaltaneously.


I just returned from a Helena/Bozeman tour and may  go one more time this weekend coming up as it seems  many were disappointed in not getting an appointment. Making the actual appointment through the app or myself is the ONLY way your appointment is ensured. Emails and texts do nothing for you. All that is needed is a form of contact (email/phone) day and time. You will receive a confirmation which holds the address of the incall site.

Next up will be Spokane area and Portland



Hellacious Hellos

27 Oct, 2017

A week into the new place and it's finally starting to come together. Many thanks to the nameless heroes  that offered and followed through on getting things finalized and getting me set up. I couldn't have done it without you!! It's a huge step up from the cabins and it's nice to have a bit of stability....I'm even not including the color pink into the massage room.. keeping it manly...haha there is also cable for your enjoyment as some of you very much live and breathe sports.


I will begin travelling again next week. Helena, Bozeman, Spokane and oddly back to where I moved from Norfolk VA. I will stop in here and there and schedule as many as I can to session. I'll keep in touch on here and am thinking about some video blogging of this next tour.. what do you guys think? 


(406)201-7123 is no longer a good number for me. The seurity on my phone didnt like the third phone I was attempting to put apps on and wiped the app and all data from it. It is currently replaced with (406)852-2394. By the end of the week I am going to break down and get a second phone. These dropped calls are getting on my nerves.

This is the last weekend Ill be in town for a while. Come and get me while you can. I am putting the scheduling app back up so you guys can make your own appointments if you want to. Im blocking out the mornings they are by appointment only.


Lots of Love Handsomes!







Sundays are for savage salaciousness

22 Oct, 2017

Hello, I feel as if I have been gone for quite some time, perhaps its just the nature of my recent departure. I am finally in a stable home/work environment.  I have shattered 3 phone screens. My phones were down for a while . The security I have due to the nature of my business also didn't like the new phones nd downloading apps. I have lost 2 phone numbers 201-7123 is gone as is 202-5715. I'm going to leave them gone as well. I will be phasing out 290-9855 as the not able to hear each other the first call is ridiculous and I have given that company until wed to work it out or I am done. My new number is 852-2394. Any voice mails left to the bad numbers I have a transcript in my email. I missed everyone and am finally settling in my new digs. Hope you come visit me and see it. I better run so I can pull myself together before sessioning... xoxo V



16 Oct, 2017

I am having to manually transfer data from one phone to another. Please bear with me as the process is slow. 201-7123 and 290-9855 should be good to go.


I am in Kalispell until Wednesday

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Welcome and a Sincere Thank you!

14 Oct, 2017

     Welcome gentlemen (and ladies) to my site. I thank you for taking the time to check it and me out. You have many choices for adult recreational fun and I don't take it lightly when I am the one selected! I love getting to know new people and allowing you into the chaotic mind of your Courtesan! Quite a few of us have developed deep intimate bonds, that I dearly cherish, as we share our personal affairs with each other.

I want to thankyou for bearing with me through my move out and musical hotel rooms. I have found a temporary "lair" to entertain you out near the airport on Hwy 2 between Kalispell and Columbia Falls. Im further from  some of you but Im in a location that puts me no more than 20 mins to the major cities you live in. I will offer (remind me) for a bit to wave the outcall fee if you prefer to host rather than drive to me. )Thats only for locations 25 min travel time or less however. I'll continue to search for the "perfect house" If you know of a 3+ bedroom house with a garage and/or basement I would very much appreciate the info!

I appreciate you also kindly dealing with my tardiness and my irregular all over the place moodswings. It was draining being the highest grossing homeless person in the North West ...haha I can't promise Ill never be late but I will work harder at being punctual.(and less bitchy)

I will be visiting Helena and Bozeman again very soon. (like next weekend perhaps) I am aware I have been neglecting you guys and you have had several last minute rushed visits. No Bueno. I will make definite plans by Wednesday the 17th and post it here in my blog.


Its not mandatory but if you sign up for membership on here you get access to better pictures, you will receive members specials, and I will be posting videos soon. I am tossing around the idea of allowing some of my videos be available for purchase for members and if there is something in particular you may want to see or see me do... let me know I just may be able to do that for you...


Check out my specials page. It will start changing fairly frequently. You must mention the special to receive the deal. Never count on my addled brain to remember anything :)


I could use reviews on the TNA board and TER if any of you are on there that would be awesome and you will be justly rewarded on your next visit!! If you aren't members you should check them both out. They are anonymous (for you) forums for all to educate, inform, and entertain one another. You can talk to other Providers and see who may be coming to town and what they request to book with them. If any of you need references let me know. I would be happy to vouch for my clients. Ill put links to both of these on my links page and you can click the banners I have on here as well. On there my name is Nessabelle (big suprise huh?!?)


Im going to do my best to keep everyone in the loop that wants to be there!!


All my Love sexies!!!