My Rules


1. Please arrive promptly

2. Please be clean. You may use my shower if you request. If I have to bring it up it goes against your time.

3.Please wash your hands if you would like to touch the masseuse.

4.Drinking is permitted but being drunk is not.

5. I understand life happens but please confirm within 2 hours of your appointment and let me know if you can't make it. A deposit of half the fee will be required in advance if this becomes a habit.

6.Please don't call multiple times on multiple numbers. If I am not answering it's for a good reason. (session, family time, sleeping)

I appreciate you guys(and ladies) know that my clients (all of you) are hand picked. I receive many requests but all of you are the creme de la creme.

I will travel greater distances at your generous expense if it would please you.


If you have questions of a delicate nature please ask me in person. Texts and emails are  not the proper forum.


****Absolutely NO questions or conversation about ANYTHING that is illegal or could be taken as an illegal activity. This includes talking dirty. I find it very disrespectful and as much as I adore all of you, I'm not going to jail because you are an idiot. I will immediately hang up and you will be blacklisted. There isn't an excuse alive to make me change my mind including being drunk, stoned, or simply an idiot. This is your only warning!!!****