No half hour massage for new clients

ALL OUTCALLS $25 extra plus 54.5 c/m fuel surcharge if I am driving more that 20 miles

Discounts on multiple hours

My overnights don't necessarily need to be during late hours. I have a few choices. 4-6 hour. And 6-8 hour sessions. Think of the fun we could have!! They are 450 and 750 respectively. 

If you have costume or wardrobe preferences please let me know! 

Rude, crude, ghetto, vulgar language and behavior prohibited. Violaters will be black listed and publicly posted. This way everyone can know what kind of person you are.

Recent Rates

Massage $65 HH $100 HR

Companionship $150HH $250 HR $400 2Hr


**All Outcalls are an extra $25 or what Uber or Lyft charges. *"

**All Outcalls over 20 mins away have an additional charge of 54.5 c/m**

**Any travel in hazardous weather conditions snow, hail, rain, etc incur additional charges.**